The grandparent hangover

It’s the first time it’s happened in awhile, but Katie is suffering from a grandparent hangover. The most significant symptoms are refusing to settle down and go to sleep at night and nightwaking. It happens whenever we’ve spent any time at our parents’ houses- I don’t know why. She hasn’t actually done this since Zuzu was born…but now it means that when she’s screaming in her bed, Zuzu wakes back up. As I speak, Eric is walking with Zuzu to try to get her back to sleep.

And, for our family’s information: when I went in to check on Katie after putting her in timeout in her crib this afternoon, she was holding on to the top rail and had BOTH feet between the top two bars on her crib. She was about to jump out of the crib, except I think it would have ended disastrously because I think her feet would have been stuck. And tonight, she flung her leg over the crib rail like it was nothing. It’s time for a new bed for Katie.

5 thoughts on “The grandparent hangover

  1. It used to happen consistently every time we came back after visiting Oklahoma. When we were scratching our heads the past week wondering what the hell was wrong with Katie, I remembered she always used to be like this after seeing the grandparents. And it’s a perfect way to describe it, isn’t it?

  2. Consider it an indication on how much fun she has when she’s in Oklahoma, Mom. She loves you guys (so do we :)!!!

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