Rough times for Zuzu

First there was the allergic reaction to sunscreen last Friday (which was more traumatic for me than anyone else, I think). Then she’s just been fussier and throwing up more lately. Then came her six month check-up yesterday where the screaming child in the other room made her cry (as did the shots). But, we tried cereal immediately after the doctor’s appointment- I’m eager to soothe her reflux..and tired of being puked on at all hours of the day again. I’m probably freaking out our parents right now, so fair warning: don’t let Zuzu cry for too long. She’ll puke on you if you do. Aaaand the cereal hasn’t helped. Yet.

Cereal’s not too bad.

The spoon is tastier.

Not only will be be wearing the super-hypoallergenic sunscreen the pediatrician recommended (Waterbabies or Neutrogena in a stick, not the lotion), Mommy overcompensates with a sunhat, too.

And this is what a baby tuckered out from a rough morning of vomiting on her mother looks like:

Yeah- it melts my heart, too.


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