Little things to remember

Stunned at how much I’ve forgotten about Katie when she was a baby, here are a few things I want to remember about Zuzu:

-picking up a little rooster finger puppet that was in the middle of the floor and it was soaking wet because Zuzu had been gnawing on it.

-her “happy feet” and how much she fidgets with her feet when she’s happy (like she’s doing right now as we take turns carrying her in the “bjorn” as we pick the apartment up so the babysitter doesn’t report us tomorrow…)

About Katie:

-she says, “Yes” now instead of her “yeah” or “leah.” But it sounds like, “Yis.” And whenever I cuss, she says, “Mommy, did you just say ‘dammit’? We don’t say that word.”

Eagerly awaiting the rest of our pictures from last Saturday…!!!!!


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