learning as we go

Right now, Eric’s the loudest one in the apartment as he snores next to me. But what Zuzu has made clear the past few days is:

1) she is really happy without a diaper. we change it, and when we try to put one back on, she starts to fuss.

2) she either doesn’t like the dark or knows that the dark means bedtime.

Let me explain: tonight, the baby didn’t go to sleep at her 8:30 feeding. After waking back up from a quick snooze, we put her on our bed to change her diaper, and she began to fuss when we put one back on. We decided to just let her “hang out” on the bed with us. She did so, happily gnawing on her blanket, squealing, thumping her arms and legs on the bed, perfectly content.

But then, we put a diaper back on because we wanted to go to sleep. The fussing began. She cheered up. Then, we turned off the lights. Game over.  We figured out a few days ago that she liked a night light. Tonight, thirty minutes after turning the bedside lamp off, she was still crying in her swing out in the living room. Over an hour later, after changing her because she got sick all over herself from crying and then nursing her back to sleep, I’m the only one awake. She’s in the bassinet in the hallway with a light on in the living room, and Eric is snoring (loudly!) next to me. Every time we think we have her figured out, she changes the game on us. We’re just learning as we go.


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