Just a few of the things I love about and will miss in Iowa City

We had a great weekend in Iowa City. I was happy to be back and I tried to take in everything that I’ll miss. We got to see most of the really good people we met there. The good thing about being an academic is you’re likely to see the friends you made in school for the rest of your life at conferences (unfortunately, you also get to see the horrible people, too)…But here are some of the people, places, and things I loved about Iowa City:

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FYI: some of those pictures were taken last August…

No pictures of One Twenty-Six, where Yeon and I ate lunch on pay day, or Joe’s, a good bar. But, Java House, the ped mall near the IC library, the Bread Garden, Oasis, and AJB (my second home), the bus stop where I froze my ass off so many nights after class…good times, in spite of it all. Maybe one of the girls will go there some day 🙂


2 thoughts on “Just a few of the things I love about and will miss in Iowa City

  1. oh, i love this post and the pictures. i just got a tenure-track position in Kirkwood’s English department, so we are looking to buy a house in iowa city this summer. your little family is always welcome to stay with us. lord knows we need more ladies!

  2. Congratulations on the job, Lenore! That’s wonderful news. We’d be happy to even out the estrogen-to-testosterone ratio in your household. And please don’t disappear online. I want to stay in touch with all the other PhD moms I’ve met 🙂

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