More graduation pictures

The battery on the camera was dying just after the ceremony ended. I was dying from heat and the arena was hot…so we have no really “good” pictures of me in my robe because at that point I did not have the patience to wait while Eric figured out the camera. We have a few very brief shots of video in my robe, but they’re so fleeting I don’t that we can capture any stills from those either. Upsetting- I’m not buying my apparel until I have an academic position and I don’t know when I’ll get to wear this again. Funny how it is so significant to me. There were photogs at the ceremony…but still. Thankfully, my friend Angela Hodgkinson came to the rescue so we have something of me in my robe. Here are some of the pictures:

Then, we took some outside. Notice my mortar-board head:


2 thoughts on “More graduation pictures

  1. I’m so thankful for you and that I’ve been with you all the moments of your life, especially wonderful times like these..

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