New camera

Thinking of selling the DSLR. I’m not going to take the time to learn how to really use it. So far, I like my new point-and-shoot.

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4 thoughts on “New camera

  1. So far, I’m pleased with the pictures taken in low light (you know how much I hate washed-out pictures from the flash). But it’s slow taking them. I’ll see how the camera does outside and if it’s any quicker before I decide to sell the big camera. I’m just traumatized over the graduation pics fiasco when no one could work the camera, plus I don’t always like the resolution of pics from the big camera. I’ll keep ya’ll updated.

    • You are right about no one else being able to work the big camera. I never did try too hard in the days that they did take the best pics. Fred was the camera person then.

  2. Got a few action shots today and the new camera works really well on the right setting getting Katie running. I think it’s a keeper. Might post the big camera to craigslist in the next few days.

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