“Zuzu’s blowing away!”

We got to Central Market early today to beat the crowds and grab some rib eye for Eric’s Father’s Day dinner. I always take Zuzu out of the car first and back in last, because Katie is liable to jump out of the cart into traffic. She’s declared more than once lately, “I want to run away!”

There are many milestones to celebrate with a baby, but one of my favorites is when they can sit unassisted in a shopping cart. It was breezy as I strapped Zuzu into the cart this morning, with Katie looking on inside the cart. Suddenly, the wind picked up, and the shopping cart started rolling away. Zuzu was just happily sitting in the front seat, but inside the car, Katie was laughing hysterically: “Zuzu’s blowing away!”

She didn’t get far, but I can only imagine what kind of wind she would have picked up if she had been in her car seat. It was full sail sometimes walking into the store with her propped up in her car seat.

Otherwise, the mesh food thingy they make for babies is genius. Zuzu finally figured it out. I popped a cube of frozen peas in there yesterday when she was about as grumpy as she ever is and she went to town:



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