My last paycheck for the foreseeable future came June 1. I had an interview for a position at the Dallas office of a non-profit last Monday and have yet to hear anything. I hope it works out because as I left the office, it sunk in what a wonderful place it is and that I’d love to work there. We’ll see.

On the job front, I’m extremely frustrated and disheartened-depressed even. Adding insult to injury is the fact that Eric has the best job he’s ever had with the best pay he’s ever received, and we have the worst living conditions yet. Our apartment is actually slightly larger than the last three houses we’ve lived in, but the location sucks. And, we’re paying substantially more for this place than we have the last three houses, with no yard and every really cool place to hang out miles and long drives away. This makes me dislike Dallas. Add to this is all our shit requiring extra storage. We have the quantity of stuff (and people!) suited for a house with a garage- or basement. Our apartment has an attached garage, which contains four categories of things: the kitchen stuff we have no room for right now; Eric’s tools, like his table saw; tubs of my books; and kid stuff. And, our bikes and our deep freezer. And a full-size mattress. And two filing cabinets. Yeah. That’s it. (I’m hoping our Christmas ornaments are in there somewhere, and not in an Iowa landfill, which is where I suspect they ended up during all the dump runs Eric made while we moved to Texas).

Now, Dallas is a funny place when it comes to housing. There’s a really small gradation between shitty, mediocre, and kick-ass housing. When we thought we might be able to buy a house in the spring, I noticed that there was about a $50,000 range beginning at $150,000 where you went from alright big houses and small, cool houses right up to fantastic houses starting around $200,000. Below that line, though, is pure crap. Or crappy condos. And with my loan debt and employment situation, we don’t even qualify for the crappy houses in the crappy parts of town. Enter my frustration that we always seem to be one street over from the cool part of town…The same goes for rentals, particularly the houses.

What this means is, we are stuck. We live in 912 sq. ft. with four people. We have a garage. We could use more square footage but we cannot lose the garage. But, we need to pay less than we do now because our finances are about to be extremely, extremely tight in our current location. We’d settle for the same amount of space, but it has to have the same storage. But, if we move to the suburbs, Eric’s commute is automatically increased, which kills the savings in housing. We even found a nice little place with a great price, until all the extra fees, outside storage, and moving costs were factored in. We were both excited about this apartment until we sat down, did the math, and realized it wouldn’t save us a darn thing.

Being without options is perhaps the most upsetting thing for me personally. I’m pretty good at coming up with the next plan, but as long as no one hires me, we’re stuck. It’s as simple as that.


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