Thursday photo dump

I realized it had been awhile:

From Father’s Day, an attempt at a group shot of Eric and the girls and the girls crawling all over him when he’s exhausted after golfing; Zuzu unhappy about tummy time (that child may never crawl…); bath time at Mimi’s; I probably missed something-

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In other news, our housing situation may have eased just a little bit. Our location will still suck, but we’re moving apartments here in the same complex early September. It’s that far off because we have to give a 60-day notice, but after some finagling, we got another first floor apartment. This time, however, it’s about 150 sq. ft bigger with TWO bathrooms (that is a first in the ten years Eric and I have lived together), we’ll still have a garage- at half price this time but detached, and we’ll be saving about $100 a month.  We’ll even have a better patio. I’m excited about it now. TWO BATHROOMS!!! And the girls’ room will be a good size, too.  If we didn’t have to pay a $350 pet fee (any one want a dog????), we’d only pay $50 to move. So, overall, we’ll be a little better off each month. I can’t wait to pay off my car next June…

And, I’m looking forward to Katie’s birthday party. Both of Katie’s godmothers will be in town. We also have a wedding that evening, which I am so totally looking forward to going to, my friends Angela and Grant. I’ve known Angela since grade school and everything I’ve seen of their wedding so far is gorgeous. Seriously, they are being so creative- they’ve had some of the wedding stuff in NYC, where they live, and the rest at a gallery on Main in Norman. It’s going to be awesome…!!!! Plus, only cool people I grew up with be there. I’ll need that weekend, because this summer is about as stressful as the summer I studied for comps, what with all my angsty-ness over joblessness and all.

Anyways, enough. Good night- I woke up at 6:15, nursing Zuzu (for the third time since midnight, who had been in bed with us all night) this morning to Katie screaming (and I mean screaming) for Mommy to get her. Papa wouldn’t do- she was in hysterics right off the bat this morning and Zuzu would not sleep by herself last night. THEN the car place called again…and Eric’s car is STILL not ready. Six weeks and counting, our insurance coverage on a rental car ran out ten days ago, so they finally gave us a rental on the house because they keep seeing dents after they think they’re done. We ate dinner out because I had not left the house Sunday. Then, I’m still waiting, waiting, waiting to hear back on the two interview type things I’ve had…Okay. Like I was saying, good night.


2 thoughts on “Thursday photo dump

  1. You’re the best (and, oh, so flattering)!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you guys. is your 10 year anniversary coming up? Wowee! (Or was it like last year & I totally read about it on your blog and have since forgotten?)
    So, good news on the apt. I was curious why you guys were moving within the ‘hood. Doesn’t paying less just make you all giddy inside?!
    Oh, and knowing the wits of their mother, I could easily imagine Zuzu skipping that whole “crawling” thing and heading straight for the heel-toe express.

  2. Yay I’m glad it’s all working out! Tell Angela congrats for me! I’m with Angela, Zuzu has a big sis who walks she may just skip the crawling 🙂

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