Sunday morning havoc status

Bits of Katie’s creative use of her toys-

Crayons in upside-down building blocks become candlesticks- and choking hazards for your baby sister when scattered across the living room floor:

She’s lined up her stuffed animals with their “families:”

Some of her other animals are sitting in a train (and zebra has a rider):

These were lined up earlier:

And when I asked her if I could take pictures of the things she was doing, she asked me to take a picture of her with monkey (no good model smiles, you know):

Meanwhile, Zuzu just sucks on a string:

If you could only see the disarray of the rest of the apartment. She dangled one of her play frying pans the other day, laughing, and said, “It’s a clock! A clock pan!”

By 3 pm, though, there’s this tranquility of the afternoon mixed with my sleepiness that drives me absolutely insane. I think we’re going to get out of the house this afternoon while Eric is at the office.

Some cuteness while I wait to change out the laundry so we can get out of here for a while:

Zuzu’s pigtail is what happens when I try to get a moving target’s hair out of her eyes. I don’t intend for it to stick straight up, although it is pretty cute. She really needs a hair cut soon.


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