Happy birthday! Here’s a busted lip.

We had a nice day today for Katie’s *actual* birthday. Katie helped me cook today and even put on Aunt Terry’s chef hat and apron. She wore her birthday shirt and skirt again- and she loved it, again. Our good friends Amy and Lauren were over for her birthday dinner tonight. Near the end of the evening after I called Mom, Eric, Amy, and Lauren went out for a walk, pushing Katie on her tricycle. I stayed in the apartment because Zuzu was asleep. Minutes later, Eric showed up again at the door, holding Katie in his arms.

“We had a bit of an accident,”  he said. I realized then that the entire right side of Katie’s face was smeared with blood. Her lip was busted open and her cheek was starting to swell with pretty deep scrapes up to her eye. She really looks beat up, and this is a kid who has had her share of injuries to her face. Twenty minutes before, Katie had been buzzing from her cherry birthday cake high. We started to get worried when she began to fall asleep in my arms after we cleaned her up. After tormenting her with the Mag Light to make sure her pupils were equal and reactive (Eric’s idea, not mine), we think she’s okay, just bruised and bloodied a little.

She’s seems okay. We tucked her in bed and as I kissed her good night, I wished her a happy birthday. She said (so sweetly), “Thank you.” !!! Eric and I were both kinda worried about her, so we went back in to check on her just now (yes, Zuzu was awake at this point), and she was holding the baggie of ice Eric had given her to her face. We got the little mirror out so she could see her boo-boos. She let us take a picture of it…she looks like she’s had plastic surgery, it’s so swollen on the one side. But she’s a trooper.

I tucked her in again, kissed her, and told her I loved her so much. She snuggled into her towel-covered pillow and said, “I love you so much, too.”


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