Late night sugar

“Can we go outside and see flowers?” (btw: the yellow mat she has around her-she’s carrying her baby in a “carrier”)

Katie’s booboos are healing nicely. We’ve been slathering on the neosporin (which explains her greasy hair in the top picture where the girls were in the kitchen with me while I cooked green chile drunken chicken enchiladas the other night). FYI for our family: the pediatrician said to be sure to put sunscreen on her face after it heals because of the scarring. So, when she’s playing outside, please put some on 🙂

And Zuzu. Oh, sweet Zuzu. That little stinker. The child will not sleep at night in her own bed right now. She will play happily in there if she’s sitting up:

But she won’t sleep there. This is where she likes to sleep:

Yeah. Right on my chest. I slept upright most of the night the other night. And she’s sleeping soundly in our bed right now…which is where she ends up all night every night in between the two of us.

The best news: We found a half-day pre-kindergarten program in Plano ISD…and I don’t want to get too excited until she is formally registered but- they have space! It’s not free for us, but we can afford it for three days a week. I file this under “mental health purchases.” Katie and I both need it. Seeeeriously.


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