“The slipper broke!”

Apparently, there’s a Cinderella III. Yeah. It can’t be good. Poor Cinderella. Can’t she just get her prince? Anyways, the trailer is on the Little Mermaid DVD. I thought I had pushed play just now, but instead we’re still going through all the trailers. Cinderella III‘s came on, and the conversation went something like this:

“What’s that?” She asks. Her stock question when she already knows the answer.

“Oh, it’s Cinderella,” I responded.

“When I get bigger, I can watch Cinderella!” Katie said (fyi: we just don’t have it on dvd yet).

Then, on the trailer, the evil stepmother breaks the glass slipper. Her expression was classic. Eyes very, very wide, mouth open in horror, she gasps, “The slipper broke!!!”

It was adorable. “She just broke the slipper,” she said, motioning with her arms downward, “just like that!”

One day, I have to record Katie’s color commentary of the shows she watches. It’s the cutest thing. But, I’ve said it before, her comprehension is astounding. “Where’d the Shadow Man go?” She asks at the end of the Princess and the Frog, after Dr. Facelier meets his “friends on the other side.” Out of curiosity, I wondered if Katie were either high-functioning autistic or gifted and I looked up the signs of both. She’s not autistic- but one of the signs of a gifted child is empathy at an early age. Man, she gets it. That’s partly why I’m so glad she might be able to go to pre-k this year. She needs more stimulation than Disney and I can give her.


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