Accidental co-sleepers

We would prefer for Zuzu to sleep in her crib for no other reason than our bed is too small. But, if we even so much as begin to lower her into her crib, she wakes to complain. So, this happens- and she will sleep this close to me ALL NIGHT:

I can pull or push her to give myself some space in the middle of the night and she sleeps through it. She always ends up right back next to me. Somehow, getting her into her own crib is much more difficult and I’m beginning to think we have fool the laws of physics so that she won’t feel us lowering her.


One thought on “Accidental co-sleepers

  1. We moved in March and as a moving gift to ourselves we bought a king size bed. We probably have 2 nights a month where a kid wakes up to potty or get juice and lands in bed with us. I wish we would have gone king size years ago!!

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