Note: As I write, Katie is “riding” a spatula around the apartment. The spatula has been moonlighting as both a “horsey” and a “star” (a wand, I think, keeping with the princess motif).

Yesterday, I was nursing Zuzu in our squeaky rocking glider. I stopped rocking because the squeak was driving me crazy. Katie immediately demanded that I keep rocking. I told her I didn’t want to. She said, “Yes! You want to rock!” I said, again, that I did not and that she couldn’t tell me what to do.

“Yes, I can!” She said with a flourish and her hand extended into the air. “I’m Prince Naveen!”

How can I fight that?

Also yesterday, Katie had her new stuffed beaver with her when we registered for pre-k (Yay! It’s done!). We were driving away when we realized she had left it in the main office at her school. This afternoon, I told Katie we had to get ready to go pick up her beaver. I can’t remember exactly how she said it, but she replied that she couldn’t wait to give him a hug 🙂

The ladies in the front office were loving Katie and Zuzu’s blue eyes yesterday and they thought Katie’s beaver was just the cutest thing. Beaver was sitting up on the counter waiting for us when we got there. Katie cried a little when we walked into her school yesterday to register but she seemed excited today. I think she’s going to love it. Here’s the school’s Web site. She’ll be a Beaty Butterfly  !!!!!

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