Thursday night dinner

I’m calling this one a success even though dinner’s still simmering on the stove as we wait for Eric to get home from work with a few groceries. We’ve been on a taco kick lately (we LOVE home-fried taco shells and have been on the hunt for a taco mold to ease the frying process) and tonight is yet another taco night. I’ve still been cooking a big cut of meat once or twice a week, usually chicken or pork, and making multiple meals out of it. The beginning of the week is labor-intensive but the rest is a breeze. Even better, I’m basically using variations on the same three or four main ingredients for the whole week. This week, I oven bbqd a pork butt using the Lee Bros. recipe, made cornbread and slaw (thumbs down on the slaw recipe), and so tonight, tacos!  It’s so darn delicious (before we’ve even sat down to eat) that I had to share. Recipes are my alterations to the printed ones in the Lee Bros. cookbook:

First, sear a pork butt on all sides. Braise it for four hours or until falling off the bone in a mixture of 1/2 cup cider (or champagne) vinegar (this tenderizes the meat considerably); one can of chipoltes in adobo sauce (this makes it quite spicy, so leave it out or use less of the can…I just didn’t want to waste the can); 28 oz. can of tomatoes with juices; a couple tablespoons of molasses; salt and pepper to taste; and, a chopped onion and four chopped roma tomatoes sauteed in the same pan used to sear the pork butt. After the onions and romas have begun to brown, put them in the pot with the pork and braising liquid and deglaze the pan with a bit more vinegar. Add this mixture to the pork. Baste after 30 minutes in a 400 degree, preheated oven. After the first 30 minutes, turn down the heat to 300, cook and baste regularly until meat falls off the bone. Serve shredded with braising liquid (that can be blended or used as is) and enjoy.

Then, we shred the leftover meat. For tonight’s tacos, I sauteed some sliced onion and garlic with a bay leaf, added the leftover pork, a can of Herdez salsa verde, adding a can’s worth of water, two to three tablespoons of chile powder (I use gaujillo powder, our current favorite); salt, pepper, and about a teaspoon of oregano. It’s been simmering since 4:15, so it’ll be about two hours total cooking time. I also made a slaw to top the tacos with shredded green and red cabbage, the juice of two limes, ground coriander and cumin to taste (about a half teaspoon of each or so), a quarter cup of olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste. I like my slaws tangy so you can back off on the lime juice. I’m waiting on cilantro from Eric to add to the slaw.

I’m pretty sure we’ll have enough for leftovers again. Maybe we’ll make nachos tomorrow (another current favorite) with the meat. If you make it, hope you like it 🙂


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