Game day, come too soon (yes, I said ‘too soon’). Go ahead and flame me.

Eric found a Bedlam game on ESPNU (dammit, we have the channel). So, besides messing with my internal calendar that wasn’t prepared yet for the seasonal shift and massive interlocution that is OU football, twenty minutes after I managed to wrangle control of the tv from the 3 year-old and watch something other than Nick, Jr….OU football (like it always does) usurps my opportunity for adult television viewing.

I hope someone else can empathize with my ambivalence for Game Day’s omnipotence. I love it while I also could care less for it. I love it, largely because, for the last 12 years of my life with Eric, my Saturdays have revolved, from the first rays of broadcast-able sunlight to well past midnight, around college football games and reruns of ESPN Sportscenter. I am indifferent because, well, I would not watch football any more if it weren’t for my husband. My Saturdays in Iowa, where OU didn’t get coverage and Eric worked on the weekend, were football-less…and it was glorious. Could OU football please be only contained to Saturdays between late August and December? Please?!?!

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