Our little stinker :)

The sleep issues continue with Zuzu. She sleeps perfectly in our bed at night. We still can’t get her to sleep before 9 or 10 pm, regardless of location (usually, it’s on our chests).

Tonight, she fell asleep around 7:30. I held out hope it would stick. Eric was the realist. When Katie started to throw a fit around her bed time (this is unusual), Zuzu woke up. She fell right back asleep in our arms, but when Eric tried to put her down a few minutes ago so he could take a walk, she woke up.

Right now, she’s playing on the floor next to me, happy as can be. Katie and I have almost gotten her to make kissing noises, and just now, she looked up at me, smiled, jabbered, and smacked her lips in a kiss.

At least she’s adorable when she’s up this late and not fussing. Little stinker.


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