Calling in the developmental reinforcements

Katie crawled at seven months and walked at eleven. She was putting weight on her legs from day one (seriously). Zuzu isn’t crawling yet and she turns 10 months-old this week. She can roll around all day, but she doesn’t sit herself up yet, either. Maybe I set her up too quick or grab the toy she’s after instead of letting her figure it out.

I know that each kid is different and she will most likely crawl on her own time. Katie’s our reference point and I worry I’m overly concerned and comparing Zuzu to Katie. But I’ve been worried that something’s wrong for a long time. We noticed when she was pretty new that she strongly favors her left side: she will grab everything with her left hand and she kicks her left foot when she’s excited. Her right hand, however, stays clinched in a fist most of the time. If she opens her right hand, the pinky and ring fingers still curl in slightly. The other day, she fell forward onto her face while trying to pull her legs in, and she didn’t use her right arm to catch herself. She also doesn’t care to put weight on her legs. She can, and she pushes up strongly with them every now and then when she’s on our lap. Her legs still splay out when she does put weight on them and she leans forward. Breach baby’s legs present like this as a result of their position in the womb and she’s done it since she was born. It’s just never gone away. Perhaps because they splay out, it doesn’t seem like she can bring them together underneath herself to crawl.

I mentioned my concerns to our pediatrician at Zuzu’s nine month check-up. She looked Zuzu over, paying particular attention to her hip alignment, and said outwardly, things looked fine. Her hiny wrinkles (ha!) were where they were supposed to be and all that. She suggested I try calling a program called Ready Start Early Childhood Intervention. This organization is free and they come to your home to assess the child and provide therapy if it’s needed.

After her appointment last month, I decided to give Zuzu another month. Nothing’s changed. I called Ready Start this morning. After taking our information, I thought the woman on the phone said I’d get a call back for an appointment in 45 days. When I asked about that, she started to giggle and corrected me- we’ll hear back in four to five days with an appointment. Whew…so, we’ll see.


One thought on “Calling in the developmental reinforcements

  1. Sounds good. It should help to bring some understanding from someone who is knowledgeable in the area. Glad the dr. recommended this.

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