This morning’s artistry:

Maybe it was therapeutic for Katie. This morning did not start well for any of us and we really needed a reboot. All three Martin women were cranky. Things seem to be looking up.

Exhibit A of Zuzu the night owl:

Big sister was asleep. Zuzu was not. She is sleeping right now (Yippeee!).

Tomorrow is Meet the Teachers day at Katie’s school. Her teacher actually called us the other day AND sent a postcard. I don’t remember this happening when I was a kid, but it seems Texas elementary school teachers do it. Interesting. And, after the past couple of days with Katie, I’m ready for someone else to take over with her. I wish she could go all five days (is that bad of me?). I did, however, find classes for her to take through Plano Parks and Rec. Maybe I’m repeating myself. I don’t know. That’ll be some added time for her to get out of the house and maybe I can get some work (and not housecleaning) done.


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