Saturday morning giggles

The coming week won’t be fun. I would actually rather retake my comps than spend four days alone with the girls while Eric is gone for Reuben’s bachelor party. As I mulled this over and decided between the intellectuall terror of comps and the emotional terror of two small children (that aren’t sleeping right now- either of them!), I had two moments that gave me pause and made me laugh.

Katie has one of those overstuffed pottery barn chairs that she likes to lean backwards in. She’s been snuggling with that oversized stuffed puppy in the chair and somehow this morning, managed to lean backwards in the chair, while on top of puppy- all while she was head down. Suddenly, she rolled backwards, feet over her head, and crashed into the easel behind her. It was so funny, I couldn’t get mad at her for the chaos. I kept giggling as she picked herself up. She couldn’t tell whether to be hurt or laugh. As she limped to the couch, holding her back, she told me it hurt with a half-smile. I hugged her, and I still couldn’t stop giggling at her acrobatics.

Since then, I’ve been straightening the apartment. Mom is coming this weekend, which I’ve been selling to Katie. Now that everything’s put away and clean, I set Zuzu in front of our recently-parsed toy boxes in the living room. She delightedly started taking stuff out. Never underestimate the speed with which a baby can un-do a clean house. Katie sat eating her lunch at her table and when Zuzu got to the box of puzzles, Katie yelled, “ZUZUUU, NO! We’ve got to get clean for Mimi to come!” Zuzu just looked at big sister and kept on doing what she was doing. It made me giggle.

I haven’t reconsidered how much I’m dreading four (more) days by myself with the girls (there is no distinction between weekdays and weekends anymore). Especially with Katie strolling into our room at 5 am because she wants to “watch sump’ing in the wiving woom,” I may be at my wit’s end by next Sunday. I’ll try to savor the giggles in the meantime.


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