Katie’s first day of school, or, the world meets Drama Queen Kathleen

I have two competing visions of our first parent-teacher conference with Katie’s pre-k teacher this fall.

Scenario 1:

Katie’s teacher: “Oh, you have quite the little genius! I really think she would do well in a 4 year-old class…” (Eric’s addition to this fantasy has the teacher saying “…except she pooped in her pants”).

Scenario 2:

Katie’s teacher: “Katie’s quite bright, but I think we need to work on her bossiness. She likes to take things from other children as well…”

In short, Katie has been a hot mess lately. The drama is just craaazy these days. We ask her every night who she wants to tuck her in. She says Mommy. I go to tuck her in and as I’m about to leave, she whispers, “Wait a minute!” with her eyes wide open.

“What is it?” I ask.

“I need you to snuggle with me in this bed.” So I snuggle. Then, as I’m getting up: “Wait a minute!”

“What is it?”

“I need milk.” If I refuse, she gets all wide-eyed and sticks out what we call the SuperLip. “No, but, but, I need milk.”

Tonight, she came into the living room after I put her to bed. Mom was in the other room and I was holding a sleeping Zuzu. Katie asked me if she could go potty- you know, one of those, “I’m actually telling you, not asking,” moments, and then instructed me that she needed “milk and grapes, okay?” nodding her head and smiling for emphasis.

Ugh. Please, please, please be a good girl tomorrow, Katie. Please.


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