Pre-k pickup

I decided the take pictures of picking Katie up. Notable things about the experience: the pick-up line in the carpool lane is looooooooooong. My a.c. wasn’t working that great in idle (it was only 107 outside) and Zuzu was soaked in sweat. Even more reason to turn her car seat around because they prefer to put the kids directly in their carseat when the teachers bring them to the car and Zuzu’s seat is on the passenger side. Anyways:

This is the tag we must have in our car in order to pick Katie up. Each classroom is assigned a color and each child has a name tag. There was a teacher standing on the corner of the carpool lane, radoing the name of the child and their teacher when their car turned in.

This was the very, very end of the line waiting to pick up kids. The line was a good three to four blocks long. I kinda dread what it will be like Wednesday morning…

My little munchkin, getting walked to the car. Pretty impressive operation they have going on.

Katie was a cool customer when we got home. She seemed perfectly fine, and all too grown up…


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