Quick update on Zuzu

Today was Zuzu’s assessment with Ready Start. In short, we were right to be concerned that Zuzu favors her left side so much. They assess five developmental areas: cognition, communication, social emotional, self-help/adaptive, and gross motor/fine motor. She nailed the first four but has a three-month delay for her gross and fine motor skills. She qualifies for therapy, which the wonderful therapist who was here said she would like to do once a week or four times a month in order to prevent Zuzu from starting to scoot instead of crawl. Our goal is that she’ll be more “symmetrical” and use both sides of her body equally well. At one point, Zuzu reached for a toy that was too far and rather than catch herself, she fell on her face. This is not good (obviously, right?). We’d also like to see her crawl in six months (she’s no where near being ready to walk). Therapy will probably start the week after next…and be scheduled for the times Katie is at pre-k. She had a really, really, reeeeeeeeeeally hard time letting her little sister take center stage. They will try to see if insurance will pay for it first, but if not, our income is low enough that we won’t have to pay anything. Woohoo! So, here we go…


2 thoughts on “Quick update on Zuzu

  1. Sounds just like what we dealt with..I truly believe that’s why she didn’t walk until 15 months…she had to even herself out from the torticollis.

    They are a fantastic group to work with and will provide lots of great advice and exercises to do.

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