My baby don’ told me…

The girls are battling fierce congestion today. It started with Zuzu’s runny nose yesterday that I suspected related to the tooth (teeth?) cutting through and then this morning, both girls started sneezing, coughing, and oozing from their noses. I’m pretty sure it’s allergies (Snot color saaaays…clear! It’s allergies!). Katie is an old pro at colds, stuffy noses, and things of that sort. Zuzu had one little cold after Thanksgiving, so the poor thing never had to learn to breathe through her mouth. That’s making her miserable this evening.

Then it was bed time. She fell asleep and I tried putting her in her crib so I could work. She instantly woke up. Congestion exacerbates reflux, so we had to get her quickly…but one time, it wasn’t quick enough. Eric grabbed her and just as he sat back down in front of his laptop, she threw up. Every where. Eric immediately plunked her down on the carpet, where she continued to throw up. He worked on cleaning off his laptop while I picked the baby up, wrapped her in a blanket and headed back to the bath tub. Eric’s at WalMart because his control key is sticking. I have a stuffy baby sleeping on my chest…evidently tonight was not the night to get Zuzu sleeping in her own bed. She don’ told us!


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