Friday night dinner: On the fly edition

I had to throw dinner together tonight because we had planned to head to OKC for the weekend. The girls’ stuffy noses thwarted those plans and around noon I realized I had to think of something to eat tonight. I gotta say my improv act was pretty darn good and combined a leftover ingredient from the previous evening’s dinner.

First, Thursday night’s menu, with two recipes delicious enough that I have to share. I made grilled sweet and sour chicken; instead of brown rice and snow peas, I made purple sticky rice and steamed sugar snap peas. I also made a green salad using a bag of butter lettuce mix with this carrot ginger dressing.

We ate everything up but had plenty of the dressing left over. I decided to use that in tonight’s dinner. I grabbed another bag of butter lettuce mix, a cucumber, three roma tomatoes from the store after picking Katie up from pre-k. The rest of the ingredients I already had at home: a can of chickpeas, salt, pepper, olive oil fresh mint and cilantro. I diced the cucumber, quaretered half a cup of grape tomatoes instead of the romas (which were not that ripe, so I switched when I saw that I had the grape tomatoes). I tore about a tablespoon of fresh mint and cilantro leaves and mixed the herbs with the vegetables, about two tablespoons of olive oil and a hefty pinch of salt and pepper. Earlier, I popped the can of chickpeas in the fridge, draining it in time for dinner. Then, at dinner time, layered the bed of lettuce with the cucumber-tomato mixture and chickpeas, drizzling the carrot-ginger dressing over it. It was fast, light, healthy, and we’ll be eating it again.


2 thoughts on “Friday night dinner: On the fly edition

  1. I actually bought the purple sticky rice in bulk at Central market. I’m not even sure I cooked it right, so…no recipe. I thought it was like the rice my Korean friend makes.

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