No words…just, no words.

I’ll just let Mike Huckabee say it instead.

Never mind. I will say this: the hypocrisy and heartlessness Huckabee demonstrates in that clip is exactly what drives me crazy about people who wear their religion on their sleeve. Not to mention, his argument is flawed. But does anyone count on the crazy right to be logical anyways? One day in some parallel universe where academics don’t have to worry about being “too liberal” I’ll use this in my teaching as an example of hegemony and people making decisions against their own self-interest. People actually voted this guy into office one time. ???

6 thoughts on “No words…just, no words.

  1. And all this time I thought the Huckster was dead because Rosie O’Donnell sat on him in her depressed state after Superman broke up with her because she caused him to throw out his back (per Melvin the Superhero).

    Isn’t it a little oppressive that we are even forced to purchase car insurance. If people don’t want to buy health insurance, or home insurance for that matter, then they can be sick or homeless and have only themselves to blame.

    Insurance, regardless what kind is a service offered for sale and should be approached in the same manner as a toy car or coffee drink – optional and not enforced by the government or anyone else.

    Our elected officials should have better subjects to talk about and leave these things to “We The People” to decide for ourselves.

    The opinions above are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the owner of this blog, who is actually smart enough to already have health and home insurance.

    • I can understand the position that rejects government mandates. I don’t agree with it, however. To use your example of the requirement to buy car insurance, I see that as a protection for all drivers in the event that we get into car wrecks so that we’re covered…just in case. Lord knows, the other person’s car insurance covered us last year, replaced our totaled vehicle and my medical bills when I was pregnant with Katie in the car and got hit by an idiot who ran a red light. And this is where I think government mandates (if you want to call it that) re: outlawing the denial of coverage to people with pre-existing conditions comes into play- government intrusion into our private lives may be objectionable, but I would hope government protection of our well-being is not. Without federal laws prohibiting insurance companies from denying services to people simply because they have the misfortune of being sick already, those people would be left for dead. Corporations are not moral, ethical beings. They only care about their bottom line. Governments, however, should be moral and ethical entities. Therefore, they should protect their citizenry. I see this particular measure protecting sick people from being dropped by their insurance companies as just that: government making sure their people get the care they need.

      And, I know it’s been a long, long time since we’ve talked, but I’ve had thyroid cancer and two c-sections in the past five years. Both of these would be considered pre-existing conditions to some insurance companies who could then deny me the continuing care I need. I do have insurance, but I haven’t always. And I only had insurance to cover my cancer and first baby thanks to my union, so…having insurance isn’t always a matter of smarts. Many times it’s a matter of access and affordability, which, likewise, many times has to be facilitated by the government. Thanks for the compliment (I think that’s what it was), but, as always, there’s more to the story.

  2. I certainly meant that as a compliment!

    My side of the argument wasn’t aimed at people not having/receiving health care but simply the fact that it should not be governed by our nations leaders – they have better stuff to do (I truly hope).

    The car insurance example was saying that although I highly encourage people to have car insurance (God knows I’ve used it more than my fair shake) but mandating it is beyond the original intentions of our constitution.

    I’m not trying to spur a debate about the generational/centennial gap between the origination of our constitution and now. I just think the less micro-management from our government, the better.

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