I’m trying to remember some of the gems Katie’s been dropping lately. There’s been a bunch.

The other night at bed time, Eric was tucking her in.

“Wait a minute!” she said.

“What is it?” Eric asked.

“There’s something missing from my hands. Maybe my milk?”

She’s gotten a little snarky lately, and we’re not sure exactly where she learned the form in which her snarkiness comes. Eric was getting out her sippy cup the other day and he asked her what came next. She said, “Maybe milk goes in it?” If we ask her to do something she doesn’t want to do, she’ll say, “Maybe not.”

Then, she’s been pulling lines from The Little Mermaid. I could kill that movie (if it were possible to kill it). Katie says, “My father’s going to kill me!” and “I’m never going to see my father and sisters again!” with as much drama as Ariel in the movie.

Finally, the other day, I pulled up to the curb to pick Katie up at school. Zuzu was sleeping in her car seat on the passenger side. One of the teacher assistants walked Katie up to the car and, seeing Zuzu asleep, said, “Is that your little brother?”

“Little sister,” I corrected her.

“Oh,” her teacher said. “She told me today she had a brother.” I can’t figure out where that one came from, but evidently she has a brother who is a girl who is coming soon.

Until next time…

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