Summoning Kids in the Hall for parenting tactics

I forgot something I needed to add to my earlier post: Katie has started blocking her sight of us with her hand whenever we’re getting on to her. Yeah. Our little diva sticks it up and says, “Stop talking to me!”

I’m not sure why I did it tonight, and it’s probably not my finest parenting hour…but it did diffuse the situation. First, I pulled rank on her when she was getting sassy. She had just told us that she had been line leader at school. When she didn’t want to eat dinner, I told her I didn’t care if she had been line leader at school, I was Mommy. But then, in a flash of brilliance (or pure desperation that we’ll surely pay for later), I responded to her “talk to the hand” with, “I’m crushing your head!”

If you’ve never seen the Kids in the Hall, you’ve seriously missed out on absurdist 90s humor. I love it. Here’s a clip with the skit I used to calm Katie down. At first, she got mad (“No! You’re NOT crushing my head!”). Then, she started laughing. Problem solved…for now.


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