Weekly Tuesday outings

We’ve been going out about town with our friend who recently became a stay at home mom. Our trips have been extremely enjoyable because I get some adult time during the day and they’ve been helping fill the week. Staci’s two kids are just weeks younger in age from Katie and Zuzu. Last week, we met at the Arboretum where Katie and Aubrey played in the water fountains. This week, we went to the Heard Museum in McKinney.

The girls got as far from us as we would allow on the big lawn at the Arboretum

Silly faces!

Zuzu loves her banana puffs. They may be nutritionally devoid, but this is the reaction I get every single time I sprinkle them on her tray:

Big weekend this week, with OU/texas and all. Our friend is hosting a watch party and the weather should be beautiful. Then, next weekend is Reuben’s wedding. I’m almost as excited about his wedding as I was about my own. Oh, and did I mention that Zuzu has been sleeping TEN hours straight- in her own crib!- at night after my weaning breakdown last week? It involves a lot of tears at the beginning of bed time, but we decided to just tough it out. So far, it’s working. Thing is, I haven’t gotten used to uninterrupted sleep, so I stop sleeping around 4 am. About the time I get used to it, she’ll start waking again. If she keeps it up, though, we won’t be weaning cold turkey. It’s much easier to imagine nursing her past a year when I’m not on tap all night 😉


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