Overheard: Oh, dear lord edition

Things have taken a turn for the melodramatic around here. Not all the time, but often enough and with Katie, usually out of the blue for no reason.

Katie, for instance, will just start moaning, or grow that Superlip and big, sad eyes. I’ll ask her what’s wrong, and she’ll reply, “Nuffin’.” Sometimes, she’ll respond, “I just miss my Papa/Grandad/Grandma.” Just now, I insisted she sit on the potty. She threw a fit but finally went to her bathroom. Everything was fine but then, as I nursed Zuzu in the living room, I suddenly heard Katie wailing in her bathroom. “Katie, what is it?” to which she said, “Nuffin!”

Zuzu has started throwing temper tantrums, and they’re usually related to food. It shocked me the first time. I thought she was hurt and even gave her some Tylenol. A few moments later, I realized I had just handed Katie a sippy cup and Zuzu wanted it. She loves to eat what we eat these days and loves Katie’s sippy cups. She’ll sit and watch us eat, moaning non-stop and reaching for us for a bite of our food. Last night I have her little bits of my cornbread, which was doused in butter and agave nectar (we’re out of honey). When I ran out, she flew off the handle. Eric tried picking her up, but she thrashed and flailed her arms, screaming and crying. We sat her in the high chair and fed her some yogurt.

Except for these intermittent tantrums, Zuzu is still an extremely happy, easy going baby. I think her personality has been blooming these days and she’s becoming more assertive and playful. I say this as I look for cues on how she’ll be as a toddler and if she’ll do a 360, temperament-wise, like I thought Katie did. Zuzu is also making little strides developmentally: she’s trying to pull up on furniture and she’s been reaching far, far forward from a sitting position, ending up like she’s about to crawl with her torso fully off the ground. That’s pretty big, because she hasn’t had the strength to hold herself up like that. The only complication is, her legs stay crossed underneath her like they were while she was sitting (what we used to call “Indian” style or whatever). So her little legs are still splayed out at her hip, but at least she’s on her knees. Now we gotta get her legs together so she can crawl.

Finally, one more story about Katie:

Her pre-k class goes to their school library on Wednesdays. She brings a book home in her backpack (or “packpack” as she pronounces it). Yesterday, when I was putting her in the car after school, she told me that she had gotten a princess book at school. I said, rather sarcastically, “Why doesn’t that surprise me?”

Her teacher was still at the curb and sked me what she had said. I told her, and Mrs. Lee said that they had gone to the library and Katie had told them she wanted a princess book. I told her how she greets Eric every day at the door with, “Look at me! I’m a princess!”

Funny thing was, the book was actually about a prince. It’s a really good book, too. We read it as soon as we got home. But, she didn’t even notice that it was about a prince. She loved it anyways. I think she may been confused about gender pronouns, though.

Now that I think of it, she could use a book on bedtime herself- staying in her bed after bed time, that is. Multiple times the past week that Zuzu has been sleeping all night (after crying for 30 minutes or so first), Katie has woken up in the middle of the night. We spent about an hour snuggling her to get her back to sleep at 1 am last night. Not sure what’s going on there. As a result, I’ve created my Second Law of Parenting: Both children will probably not sleep through the night. My first law? You never know what your kids will do.


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