…maybe a little insight into the process of evolution…

Eric arrived home this afternoon to a potty training failure and immediately popped the girls into a bath. As he was drying them off, I went to their bedroom to help.

Eric had sat Zuzu on Katie’s bed and, after begging Eric to let her, Katie was standing on top of the changing table. As I walked into the room, Zuzu was taking a header off the edge of the bed. As I reacted, Eric panicked to turn around and catch her, which knocked Katie off the changing table. In a matter of seconds, we had two howling children who had both landed on their faces on the bedroom floor. As I rushed to get the child Eric was not comforting, I exclaimed, “What the hell were you thinking?!?!”

Just wondering, but I’m thinking there may be a reason women ended up, over time, as the primary care takers of the young of the species. I’m all for equal co-parenting…but the girls end up in accidents with one of us more than the other.  Or, perhaps because women ended up (usually) as chief care takers for kids, we had to learn to anticipate disaster in ways that men don’t. A sizable portion of my day is diverting danger from my offspring. I don’t think I’m alone on this. That prescience takes practice and Eric doesn’t have as much opportunity as I do to foresee possible catastrophe.

Anyways. No permanent harm done…this time.


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