Quick Update on Zuzu

Zuzu’s appointment with her neurologist was Friday morning. I told him what we had observed, how she favored her left side so strongly, wasn’t crawling…all that. After he looked her over (tested her reflexes, stretched out her legs, watched to see if she would grab something with her right arm), he said we needed an MRI. If she had nerve damage in her shoulder, as the therapist suspected, the doctor said her weakness would be just in her shoulder. Children do not start favoring one hand over the other until about 18 months, so what Zuzu is doing is not normal. The doctor said we need to check her brain.

We could have left it at that. But that’s when my slow-burning panic amped up a bit. Okay, a lot. And my curiosity won out. I asked him what that meant, what we might know from an MRI, or what we might expect to find out (he was slow to offer information until I asked). He said that it might be stroke, or something to do with her brain growth. Zuzu was anxious and hungry at this point and I heard little of what he was saying after the “stroke” part. What I do remember is, if it’s stroke they’ll have to check other things out to make sure there’s no other damage, like to  her heart.

So, an MRI it is. She’ll have to be sedated for it. The most difficult part of that will be not feeding her before the procedure and keeping a hungry baby at east. I hope it gets scheduled quick. In the meantime, I have to control my urge to google “infant stroke” again and the other terms that stick out from my conversation with the doctor.


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