Event prep: Zuzu’s first birthday!

For the first time in…forever, no job app materials or dormant dissertation chapters are festering on my dinner table. Instead: embossing powder, tape, card stock, Hershey’s kisses (necessary for any creative endeavor), pins, (a much needed) seam ripper, ribbons, scissors, etc., etc. Finally put the sewing machine to use for Zuzu’s “cake outfit.”

It feels good. Because I feel like I should be worried out of my mind right now waiting for the neurologist’s call.

Birthday banner, a work in progress

"Cake outfit," pt. I

"Cake outfit," pt. II

My sweet baby, crashed for a nap a few days ago (look at those big girl clothes!)

I sent Mom a text message with a picture of the finished onesie. She sent back, “Good job, Boog!” It’s always good to get praise from Mom πŸ™‚ She’s very generous with it and I feel like a little kid every time. Good stuff.

And: MRI was a piece of cake, relatively speaking. Eric and I held Z’s hands as she went under. It was kinda odd watching her eyes roll back as she fell asleep. I’m supposed to hear back from the doctor in the morning. I gotta thank the people checking in about it. It’s really cool that you’re thinking about us. I won’t forget it. Also, I keep thinking about how many of the moms I keep in touch and exchange info with are people I grew up with. Say what you will about facebook, I really value the moms I talk with there and the tidbits we exchange. As much as I hated junior high and high school, I like that so many of the facebook community of moms are from way back then.

Busy day tomorrow, so I’m off to bed…


5 thoughts on “Event prep: Zuzu’s first birthday!

  1. well, i’m obviously still checking in… πŸ™‚ praying all is well. AND cutieeee decs & sewing projects! be sure and post it all hung up.
    and p.s. you’re mom calls you “Boog”, too???

  2. Yes! I thought you knew that I, too, am a Boog. I’m a “boogie” though, not a booger. I somewhat overhauled the banner…but this stuff is fun! Loving the sewing. Lots more projects to come (and pics to go with it.

    Thanks for checking in, both. It means a lot πŸ™‚

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