Home and relieved

After getting the call from the doctor’s office, we went in to meet with him at 4. In summary, Zuzu’s MRI showed scar tissue on the left side, indicating a stroke at some point. It’s in the area controlling motor skills, which we see through the weakness on her right side. As the doctor said, she may never be a concert pianist, but she will be able to function regularly the rest of her life. Is there a chance of seizures? Maybe. But the rest of her brain will compensate for what was lost to the stroke. He was encouraged that her right leg was lax and not stiff in terms of expectations of her ability to walk normally. She will walk later than other kids, but we already guessed that. Because we are already seeing drastic improvements in her gross motor skills after just a few weeks of therapy, we will continue with therapy as it is now and come back to see the neurologist in 6 months. We won’t know how or if any thing else has been affected from the stroke, so we have to just wait and see how she develops. We do have to see a cardiologist to make sure there is no defect or problem with her heart that may have caused the stroke. But…that’s it. Like we already knew- she’s just fine. I would say she’s perfect 🙂

And my perfect angel turns one tomorrow. Unbelievable. Preparations continue- I finished her “cake outfit” for our mini-celebration tomorrow evening and Saturday’s gala event in Norman. I am so excited for it and relieved after today.

Birthday banner overhaul


3 thoughts on “Home and relieved

  1. So glad to hear it, I am so relieved! I know you are too. (I also love how the Google Ads on your site are already reflecting your new topics…”Causes of Muscle Weakness” was the one I got!)

    I think so many parents seem to get caught up in the “competitive” nature of their child’s growth and progress. Everyone says “she’s in the 90th percentile for height” or whatever. Why does that matter, really? So if your child walks at 8 months, is he better than one who walks at 16 months, or smarter or something? Maybe I’m missing something; I’m not a parent. But it seems like to have a child who is happy and healthy…that’s enough. That’s a wonderful thing.

    Zuzu and Katie are lucky to have a mom and dad who will always tell them that they are both special and wonderful and amazing, no matter how big or small or fast or slow or whatever they are.

    I know YOUR Zuzu’s birthday wish came true today!

    We won’t be able to make the party; SO sad about it. We’re missing 2 milestone b-days for friends’ children this weekend. I have a huge humane society 48-hour adoptathon this weekend that we’ve been planning for 4 months; I simply have to be there. And any breaks I take, I’ll be sleeping (it really is a 48-hour event!)! We’ll be there in spirit.

    Hugs to you all, and happy birthday to Zuzu. Boomer Sooner!

  2. Wow, a stroke? Isn’t it crazy that after all you’ve been through it’s “just a stroke”? And for the rest of us that haven’t been through that with their infant, it sounds life shattering.

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better about, I can’t imagine the anticipation!

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