The crazy thing is…

No joke, last summer when I was pregnant with Zuzu, I vividly remember listening to a segment on NPR- maybe Diane Rehm- about infant stroke. I don’t remember anything else about the segment, the whole episode was not on infant stroke, but it sticks out in my memory and has the past year. I need to look it up and find it, but the take-away was this: it happens quite often and can be remedied with therapy. When the neurologist mentioned it at our first appointment, I googled it and some rather scary things popped up. So I swore off google until we knew something for sure to keep from scaring the shit out of myself again.

Eric and I have already had some mildly contentious discussions about what this means for Z and how we’ll handle it as she grows up. Maybe we won’t need to handle it. Maybe we just won’t put her in piano lessons like we want to with Katie. And we’ll start looking for a left-handed trumpet now 🙂 Thankfully, she has her father’s mouth, so we know she’ll be able to handle the mouthpiece like her Papa. As the doctor said, what’s done is done. I suspect that as we sing to Z tonight for her first birthday, I might fall apart from relief and joy that it turned out to be just this and nothing more.

…and Amanda, you’re right. Amazing that we can say, it’s “just” a stroke because you would think it would be world-ending. I am so unbelievable grateful that my sweet baby is okay. We have so much to look forward to.


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