Halloween, Part II: Better late than never

Monday was pretty busy because I had to finish and get four job apps out…but here’s the rest of the pictures from Halloween weekend:


Except for a little mishap where Katie was trying to unwrap a piece of candy, tripped, fell, and skinned her hand pretty good, she seemed to enjoy the trick-or-treating experience. Zuzu patiently sat in the stroller. Eric and I, however, decided we’ll stick to the suburbs- Swiss Avenue was a ZOO. There were thousands of people (seriously, thousands) inching along the sidewalks and up the walkways to these large mansions. The streets weren’t lit very well and I went into Mother Hen mode, worried that the girls would get swept away in the crowd. Katie didn’t even get away with a very big stash of candy because it took so long to get from one house to the next. Lesson learned.


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