Midweek miscellany

Breaking the silence re: the midterm elections…with pictures of the girls. I’m not ready to deal with it yet.

Wednesday was picture day at Katie’s school. I got stressed that she’d look messy or unkempt, and who knows what condition she was in when she got in front of the photographer (surely they take the kids straight there, right?). I took some pictures before we left:

It’s a little blurry because she won’t stay still before she smiles. Notice her hands as she poses- too cute!

Close-up of my beautiful girl ๐Ÿ™‚

This was the bag Katie packed for her class today. She made sure to pack weebwee in with her lunch bag and homework. I think she’s a little insecure in the class and the mothers outside of the class waiting for the kids sure do seem to know one another. I had an odd exchange with some of them today and I’m not too sure what to think of it: they were talking about all the classes through Plano Parks and Rec that their daughters were enrolled in, and I asked if they had looked at the pre-k program through Plano ISD. When the subject of the cost of the pre-k program came up and I mentioned that they have a three-day program, it cost less…I started to get funny looks from the moms. At first, I thought it was a money issue, that maybe I had transgressed some class issue unwittingly (trust me, ladies, it’s a stretch for us, too, to pay for three days a week with Katie). I think, though, they were aghast at the suggestion of putting their kids in school and not keeping them at home- one mom said that she wouldn’t put her daughter in anything more than a three-day a week program, and the other said her daughter, who will be in kindergarten next year, had never taken classes until this fall- these are classes that last typically four weeks and 45 minutes to 3 hours a week…It was odd. I was noticing a class- as in money- difference between this center and our last class (East Plano versus West Plano). The moms are a little less put together at this class than the other. But, uh…yeah. I just don’t think I’m Plano material. At all.

Finally, dinner tonight, which I think was a lovely one-pot (sorta) meal that is a variation on my mom’s yellow rice and chicken. Eric has been working ALOT lately. It’s 10:15 right now, and he’s been at work since 7 am today. I dropped dinner off for him when he said he might be pulling an all-nighter, but I had already prepared this for the girls and me:

  • Saute onion and garlic until translucent, then add diced carrot. Saute together until veggies start to brown. Place in dutch oven.
  • Dice other veggies. I used broccoli andย  red bell pepper. Set aside.
  • Dice chicken breast, sprinkle with garlic, salt, pepper, and smoked paprika (sweet or hot), and saute in olive oil until it starts to brown. Add to dutch oven. Saute reserved uncooked veggies in same pan as chicken, and add to dutch oven before too long.
  • Add rice to dutch oven with veggie and chicken mixture. We use Zatarain’s because the grains don’t stick- ever. Also add a packet ofย  Goya Sazon (it’s cheap and you should get some if you find it). Cover the mixture with water that’s deep enough that if you stick your finger in the water and touch the top of the rice, the water comes up to your first knuckle. This is the secret to perfect rice. Normally, you would then bring the rice to a rapid boil, only covering it once the water has evaporated enough so that little holes or pockets form in the top of the rice. Since my veggies needed more cooking, I just put the lid on immediately. Cook until rice is tender and chicken is cooked through. Add salt to taste as you go.

I dug it- lots of veggies, and tasty, to boot! This is the meal as it cooked- we ate our colors tonight :).



3 thoughts on “Midweek miscellany

  1. ditto on the Plano material. thank goodness you don’t mesh with them… (even tho, I’m officially a Plano memorial baby!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

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