Aaaaaand….we’re back at Square One.

A couple exasperated comments about Texas Republicans’ idea to withdraw from the federal Medicaid program in order to balance a budget shortfall:

First, are these Republicans suggesting that the state of Texas erect a brand new bureaucracy, totally from scratch, that will some how be more efficient than the current Medicaid/S-CHIP programs, that the state of Texas is then solely responsible for funding…? I seem to remember starting a “new” health system was a major criticism of so-called “ObamaCare” last year. My guess is, everything would be privatized, because they like that sort of thing down here.

Or, those covered my “TexasCare” might greatly delimit those eligible for coverage, which leads me to my next point. The state legislator complains about the influx of individuals who will be newly eligible to be covered by Medicaid under the new health care reform, therefore somehow burdening the current system even more. She seems to be missing a few things here: that there is even that many people in Texas who fall that close to the poverty line that they would qualify for Medicaid due to their financial inability to buy private insurance (but then again, they can- and probably will- adjust the income levels to make it harder to qualify, thereby increasing the income gap of those who make too much for federal help and too little for private insurance). God forbid they consider ways to increase people’s standards of living in this state (and I’m sorry, this place is a rip-off in my cash-strapped eyes. You overpay for what you actually get around here).

Then, right now, those people are a part of the system, they are receiving health care- they just can’t pay for it. The current system results in those costs being absorbed into the premiums those of us with insurance pay. However, if more people are covered under some form of insurance, than costs are lowered, meaning, some of that shit gets paid back. In other words, the state is getting reimbursed by the federal government for all these poor folks on government health care when they would have to completely pick up the tab if they created a new system from scratch run only at the state level.

Am I missing something? Because it sure seems like the Texas GOP is.


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