So, it’s been awhile

I haven’t posted in quite a while. I guess I’ve been pretty self-absorbed, and of course, Thanksgiving happened (and it was good). A quick recap of the past few weeks:

I had a long week away from Dallas the week before Thanksgiving. I was happy to get back home, but I think my mom may have been the happiest to see me. The damn baggage claim at DFW took so long and kept me from getting home early enough to spend any time with Mom before she had to leave for Oklahoma. Not to launch a pity party or anything, but I got a pretty tepid welcome from my little family…why did I rush home again? Zuzu took a full 24 hours before she realized it was, in fact, Mommy home again…and then she spent the next full week with the worst case of separation anxiety to date, Katie was happy to see me, until she realized Mimi wasn’t with us anymore and so she started crying for Mimi, and then Eric…well, that’s another post when the time comes if any decisions have to be made.

I expected that I would get the worst grandparent hangover ever the past week, after being gone and around adults all week the week before and then with family most of last week. I realize a few months back that I also get hangovers after our families leave because I get so used to adult contact during the day, that it’s a tough adjustment to being back alone with the girls. Surprisingly, I’ve been just fine. I’m staying busy with little crafty projects and planning Christmas gifts and all that. It helps tremendously

That being said, you can have the most entertaining conversations with a three year-old. Yesterday, I took the girls down to a craft store. Instead of loading back up to head home, we walked around the little plaza area. I got the girls some hot cocoa and chocolate milk at Starbucks, and as we walked, Katie talked the whole time about spiders.

“Spiders are NO FUN!” she said, gesturing with her hands. “No fun! And if I see a spider, they are no fun…If I see a spider, I may get grumpy.” If you know her, just imagine her tone of voice this whole time. And of course, my twitter feed has had some of Katie’s gems lately about Christmas ornaments. The other day, she joined in with me as I was getting on to Zuzu- I even had to pull out the “Elizabeth!” with the baby. Katie chimed in, “Lizabif…”

Speaking of Zuzu, we had another OT appointment today. I’m a little discouraged because I feel like she’s regressed physically. Elsa and I talked about that today and what to do (Note to our family: we need to try not to carry her around so much at the holidays). At the same time, I feel like she’s progressed leaps and bounds cognitively. She understands and follows simple directions and she wants to do the things she see us doing: The other day, she got the Windex out from underneath the sink and put it back when I said so, and then today, tried to help us put the groceries on the check out counter. She’s saying and motioning “up,” putting window clings back on the window instead of in her mouth, and catching on with the few baby signs that I know and can teach her. This is great…but she’s clenching her right fist more and won’t put weight on her feet very quickly again. So, it’s a wash in terms of progress. I’m not impatient, just worried that she didn’t get enough stimulation (or whatever) the past few weeks. It’s been three weeks since she’s had a session with the OT, and it shows after she’s been with Elsa. She already seems so much better, motor skills-wise, since working with Elsa this afternoon.

But things have settled back down around here since I came back. The first few days were rough. I almost gave up nursing because Zuzu suddenly began waking and nursing constantly through the night again. We’re past all that now- not to mention, the poor baby has at least two, if not three or four molars coming in at the same time.

And so, without wasting further time, here are pictures from the past few weeks- lots and lots of them:


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