Her father’s grace

I’ll say this first: Katie is fine. But she has three stitches in her forehead (or, “she’s got a hole in her head,” as the doctor said) after falling and hitting her head on the patio door frame in the living room. She was running laps like she does, round and round and round, I think her sock slipped on the carpet and next thing I know, I pick her up, howling, and she’s got a gash near her hairline that’s oozing blood. She has the grace of her father, whose nickname was Crash Eric as a kid.

The stitches were not fun- at all- but Katie was fine within minutes. As I tucked her in tonight, I asked her the question I always ask her: did she have a good day? She said yes, and I asked her what her favorite part of the day was…I could see her answer coming: her favorite part of the day was getting candy (she walked away with two well-deserved suckers after the stitches).

Unfortunately, we couldn’t just concentrate on keeping Katie (and Zuzu) calm and relaxed because our pediatrician’s office was unusually inept. I have a complaint to lodge with our doctor first thing in the morning. While Eric and I figured out where to take Katie, I called our pediatrician’s Dallas office. The nurse said to come in, so we did, paying the co-pay only to wait 35 minutes for the doctor to come in for maybe two minutes to tell us that Katie needed stitches and that we would have to go SOMEWHERE ELSE to get the stitches…it was 7:45 pm at that point, we were on the far east side of Dallas- a thirty minute drive in rush hour traffic from our apartment- and we had called before we left, told them the exact situation- that my kid had a gash in her forehead that probably needed stitches!!!-  as I waited for Eric to rush home from work, to see if we should bring her in or just go to an urgent care clinic. Thinking we’d save on the co-pay by going to our pediatrician instead of the emergency room or urgent care (because I knew she had to have stitches somewhere), we made the appointment, only to have to leave, after waiting for as long as we did (and at this point, it was nearly two hours after Katie got hurt), and head over to another office, and pay another copay.

I’m glad Katie’s okay, but that was never in doubt. Her misery was traumatizing enough. But the added stress of paying out of pocket costs made it that much worse. It’s not something anyone should ever have to worry about, especially when their kid is the one hurting.

Pictures of our sweet munchkin tonight:

At doctor's office #2, still all smiles

Shortly before the doctor said the "s-word:" "shot." You can see the gash here.

Our sweet girl after it was all done. Her face is all red from the crying.


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