Katie meets Santa

Last year, we tried to indoctrinate Katie to Christmas. It didn’t seem to sink in. This year, however, she is all about Santa- I can even pull the Santa card. She just loves Santa…until she comes face to face with him.

We went to the Arboretum last night for an evening picnic dinner (Texas has that going for it at least; you can dine al fresco in December). They had a special Christmas display in the DeGolyer House, complete with Santa and Mrs. Claus roaming about with milk and cookies. Katie loved all the Santa statues, but she turned into one as soon as we met the Clauses. Zuzu wasn’t too thrilled by it, either, snuggling close to Eric’s shoulder when we came near Santa.

Katie’s response was absolutely adorable when, from a safe distance to keep from freaking the kids out, Santa asked what she wanted for Christmas: “a umbrella-” and not just any umbrella, mind you, but the umbrella with Sleeping Beauty she saw one random trip to Wal-Mart. So, the list may grow, but any time you ask her what she wants for Christmas, the “Sleeping Booty” umbrella is tops. (My sources in the North Pole assure me Katie has one coming her way next week).

Zuzu and I also came to Katie’s winter party yesterday at pre-k. I got to meet a few of her friends and their mothers. As soon as I showed up, Katie was done paying attention to school. She had no interest in playing on the playground at the end of the day, so we headed out early to get her doctor’s appointment to have her stitches removed. And no, that did not go over well.

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