All-time Classic Katie-ism (no, seriously. Best YET)

Last night, we had a little dinner party for Eric’s birthday (his 40th, or whatever…I’ve lost count after all these years together). Eric’s sister, Regina (Katie insisted it was actually ‘Gina’s birthday, not Papa’s), made it into town with her partner on their way up to OK for the holidays, and our friends the Talaivers joined us for some delicious beef tenderloin with herbed butter, potatoes au gratin, roasted carrots and parsnips, homemade caesar salad, and Gran’s rum cake (fyi: I added more rum ;)).

As Eric and I worked to plate dinner in the kitchen, Katie stood on her stool at the counter next to us. After I set the dish with the potatoes on the stove top, Eric exclaimed, “Don’t set it there! It’s still hot!” I over-reacted (as usual), and then scolded Eric for over-reacting. Eric began to apologize to me, then Katie turned to him, pointing her finger at him and perfectly matching my tone, “Shit, Papa! No- SHIT!” and then, turned back around to the counter.

It was too damn funny. We just had to walk away and laugh. Needless to say, Eric reminded me and our dinner guests last night that it will be my duty to explain Katie’s bad language when we’re called into the principal’s office.


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