Winter weather overkill

It's nap time for this kiddo

The winter has been exceptionally mild here. We had a spell of snow yesterday afternoon, but it melted really as soon as it hit the ground. In fact, the AC button was still lit in the car today.

Knowing this town’s propensity to play bumper cars in the best of weather, however, I took no chances on the drive to drop Katie off at pre-k this morning. I went full-on Winter Weather Survival Kit, loading a few extra blankets for the girls…just in case some fool hit a patch of black ice and plowed into us. I double wrapped the girls in sweaters and jackets and took the opportunity to put that adorable chin-strap hat on Zuzu.

As my car’s heater caught its stride and we sailed along unhindered by ice or stupid drivers to Katie’s school, I realized as I sweated to death that I had over-done it. Just more proof how traumatizing three winters in Iowa can be.


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