Oh, yeah

Speaking of how big Zuzu’s getting…

Katie is, too. We had to buy her new shoes last night for the third time in a year. I noticed she was kinda limping at the mall the other night and realized it was probably time to head to Stride Rite. Plus, the pants that I had to roll the waist down and legs up last year are now nearly too short on her. As I panicked from the realization that I have NO pants for her yet that are the next size up, I found out a little piece of information re: preschool clothing sizes. The 2T-5Ts are shorter and wider, and the sizes without the “T” by them are taller and slimmer.

This is useful information as I shop for Katie’s clothes for this next year. She’s always been too slim for most baby clothes. Eric figures the sizes take diapers into consideration…which makes sense. However, I’m in denial that I can now shop for Katie in the next section at the store.

Meanwhile, as I shop for bigger clothes in the big girl section, Katie also grows her big girl attitude. While we were at Target earlier, I put back some yellow leggings, which Katie then declared she just loved. After telling her we didn’t need them, she began to protest and blurted out, “Mommy, you’re just..stupid.”

I almost laughed, it shocked me so much. Instead, I calmly put every single thing in the cart back, with Katie crying the whole time and all the way out to the car. Yikes. Eric was back home by the time we got back and she spent some time in time out as she thought about it. I got an apology, but we gotta nip this one in the bud. No more laughing at her sass.


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