More of a little person, less of my baby: A love note to and an update on Zuzu

A few moments have passed lately where I realize that Zuzu is becoming more of a little person and a little less of my baby. She just has the sweetest temperament. One day those blue eyes are going to break some hearts, but tonight, they kept peeking back at me as she smiled, giggled, and jabbered on while Eric and I snuggled with her on the couch as we waited for her to fall asleep.

A quick side note: she had actually fallen asleep on my chest earlier. I was rocking with her in her room before setting her in her crib when Eric came back in the house from taking Lucy on a potty break. Lucy was running circles in the living room, setting off a mailbox toy that sang out, “Special delivereee!” Zuzu’s head popped up from my chest, she pointed to the living room and said, “Isht!” I started giggling, knowing she wouldn’t go back to sleep easily. That was an hour and a half ago, and Zuzu is just now back to sleep in her bed.

It was a rough day for Zuzu. She had her 15 month check-up this morning, but she woke up first at 4 am. Eric and I are dragging after both girls pulled stints in bed with us last night, but my sweet little stinker fell back to sleep at 6 am. I stayed awake, knowing it would be impossible to wake back up and get out of the door on time for our 10 am doctor’s appointment. Our girl has grown almost a pound in three months (she’s almost 21 pounds now), and two inches since July (she’s 30 inches tall). Katie started crying when her little sister got upset during the exam and I surprised Katie with a flu booster. It was touch-and-go as the girls got their shots; Katie managed to wrangle five stickers out of the deal and Zuzu only got four band-aids on her upper thighs.

Everything is fine with Zuzu, except we have a referral to an ophthalmologist. I started noticing that Zuzu seems to not see food on her high chair tray when it’s placed up next to her. She’ll ask for more food even though a big pile of it remains. I told the doctor that I couldn’t tell if this was a mannerism or a problem with her field of vision. I wouldn’t have thought anything of it if it weren’t for Zuzu’s medical history. The doctor asked if Zuzu will eat food if I move it out further, and I realized that she does. Eric has noticed it when I brought it up to him, and she did it again tonight. This makes us think it may be a vision problem. It shouldn’t be related to the stroke because it is located in a different region of the brain than the one that controls vision. The doctor said we should get it checked out, just in case. And so, another doctor’s visit, this time to get those blue eyes checked out.


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