An uncomfortable second (w/photos)

It seems I’ve sunk to an uncomfortable second place when it comes to Katie’s affections and I’m not handling it well.

This is in addition to all the weird comments she’s been making the past couple months that demonstrate some really disturbing devaluation of being a girl. For instance, she said, “Papas can do anything,” and when I asked, “But girls and mommies can, too, right?” She flat-out said that they can’t. Another time, after we dropped dinner off for Eric at his office when he was working late, Katie said, “When I become a boy, I’ll go to work, too.” And again, she denied that a girl or a mommy could go to work. On top of the fact that she’s very Eric-centered right now, I’m a little wounded that my Baby #1 comes to me second for attention and affection. I guess the psychoanalysts had it right the whole time.

Anyways…some pictures:

A blueberry in both hands! (the flash was getting to her)


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