Feeding my growing obsession

Saw this post on Huffington Post…as if I need any more ideas for buying reuseable rather than disposable items. To be clear, it’s not really an environmental thing for me; I just hate the wastefulness of throwing things away that we’re going to need again later. This comes from our restricted budget. So, I breastfed instead of buying formula (okay, that I feel strongly about as a health issue and it just happened to be so much cheaper), we cloth diaper, we now use washcloths instead of disposable wipies, but this woman is giving me ideas. In the words of Vector on Despicable Me, “Oh yeah!”


2 thoughts on “Feeding my growing obsession

  1. How interesting! I envy and admire Bea. I also cloth diapered and used cloth wipes with 2 out of 3 of my children and bf according to the WHO guidelines. A health choice for me as well but who can deny the cost effectiveness?! I once went 2 1/2 years without buying a single paper towel and considered that a huge accomplishment in my life! LOL So need to get back on track and this inspires me.

  2. Lovely timing; I was just reading Bea’s blog this morning. Since Yahoo did a piece on the family recently, she and her crew are gaining much more attention. It’s remarkable how many cost-effective steps they have taken, though I don’t think I’ll ever take my own jars and bottles to the bulk food store. 🙂

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