Thursday miscellany

A pictorial mish-mash of our latest goings-on:

A 60-piece puzzle that she puts together all by herself. Genius child!

Meanwhile, little sister is in the bedroom, dismantling the furniture.

Fresh flowers for the patio

Putting on big sister's princess slippers. We've caught Zuzu putting our shoes on a lot lately.

Sleeping soundly...on the living room floor. ???

Papa had to go back in to the office, so...slumber party!

This was really the easiest way for me to get them to settle down and go to sleep.

And now, for something entirely different.

I’ve finally completed some sewing projects for the girls, and in the meantime, also cultivated some great sewing/fabric sites and resources. Of course, here in Dallas, there’s City Craft, and through them, I found Sew, Mama, Sew. Through my friend’s site, I found Hawthorne Threads, which is my favorite. I also love Oliver + S patterns, whose designer Liesl Gibson has a fantastic blog and beautiful fabrics. There are a number of links I need to add to my sidebar as I find more (like the one for BurdaStyle and Jennifer Paganelli’s site with downloadable patterns).

Without further adieu (or, ado?), the girls’ dresses!

I made this dress for Katie to wear for class picture day last week.

I decided to make this dress for Zuzu from the remnants leftover after I finished Katie's dress

And this dress for Zuzu. I'm making it in a couple different versions for the girls (and friends). I thought I'd use my kid as the guinea pig first 😉

Because Katie loves dresses so much and they’re really much cooler in the Texas heat, I decided to make a bunch of them to mix and match for pre-k next year. That said, I have a box of fabric to use for all these projects…and it has been a wonderful, much needed creative outlet. I’m learning as I go, and the satisfaction is worth the crick in my neck from hunching over my sewing machine.  After I finish my NCA submissions due March 16th, I can turn to sewing more often. Until then…


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